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Ground handling


Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl) is one of the world’s leading air cargo terminals with the unique world-class facilities, highly efficient operation, and innovative technology. Hactl is the only neutral air cargo terminal operator at Hong Kong International Airport. We have no affiliation to any carrier, providing all of our airline customers with unbiased service.

  • Office Address SuperTerminal 1
  • 9 Chun Wan Road
  • Hong Kong International Airport
  • Hong Kong

Easy Cargo

  • Located at Charleroi airport or better know as Brussels South airport (iata airport code CRL)

  • In terms of passengers and aircraft movements, it is the second busiest airport in Belgium having served 7,303,720 passengers in 2016 (75,038 movements). It is also a busy general aviation airfield, being home to 3 flying schools.

  • CRL is centrally located in Western Europe.

  • Strategically located in Centre of Europe, Easy Cargo is conveniently situated at CRL airport in Charleroi, with direct access to all the main economic centers of Europe. Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Paris is only a few hours drive away.

  • Our ideal location empowers our customers to reach 70 million customers within 350km, and over 125 million customers within 500km. Virtually all of Europe can be reached by truck within one day.

  • Thanks to a comprehensive network of highways (E40, E25, E42, E313) Charleroi is exceptionally accessible. Belgium boasts an advanced 7-star shaped 250 km motorway system ensuring smooth transportation, and Easy Cargo is ideally situated at the motorway exit. Advantages? Less traffic jam, immediate access, less truck waiting time. Smooth unload/load guaranteed.

  • Rue des Fusillés 21
    B-6040 Charleroi-Jumet
    +32 71 251 934



The international transportation of mail is governed by the rules and regulations developed by the Universal Postal Union (UPU). The rules and regulations are laid down by the Universal Postal Convention.

Special cargo

Prior to sending a shipment, especially when sending special cargo, you can contact our local sales representatives for more information.

General cargo

AB is giving as much attention to general cargo as we do to our dedicated products.

Our Fleet

ULD and containers

Beneath its main deck, the A340-300’s large cargo holds provide voluminous capacity to maximize operators’ revenue potential. With large cargo doors on the basic fit, they take industry-standard LD3 containers in side-by-side loading. The jetliner’s forward hold accommodates six 96-inch pallets or 18 LD3 containers, while the aft hold accepts 14 LD3s (or a mix of three 96-inch pallets and two 88-inch pallets).

LD3 (AKE Contoured light weight container)

Half length lower deck container
  • Volume: 4.3 cubic metres
  • Standard Tare weight: 66kgs
  • Max Gross weight: 1.587 kgs

PMC Passenger & Freighter

10ft pallet contoured for lower deck
  • Volume: 10.9 cubit metres
  • Standard Tare weight:
  • Max Gross weight: 6.804kg (restricted to premitted weight per bay/position on aircraft)

Airbus A340-300

The Airbus A340-300 is capable of carrying 6 LD and 2 AKE of cargo in addition to a full passenger load.


Skip the nonsense, drop the bling and go what is essentially valuable for our customers… we simply fly it.

We connect HKG with the fastest transport method available: a direct flight in combination with our flexible trucking network. We are focussing on your success with a dedicated reliable service. Nothing complicated, we simply fly it.

Besides our own sales and reservation team, we are closely working with our GSSA to commercialise the belly capacity of our scheduled flights.

About us


We are able to make flying both affordable and enjoyable through the commitment of our exceptional team. Everyone at Air Belgium – from our crew to customer services, cargo division and pilots – is genuine in their desire to help you on your way.


We live and breathe the following values:

  • Modernity

    With our eyes on the future, we aim to delight our customers today and to invest in a bright tomorrow.

  • Transparency

    We believe in being honest, with clear communications, no hidden fees and simple-to-understand offers.

  • Efficiency

    By being highly efficient, we make our fares affordable and give our customers swift and stress-free journeys.

  • Quality

    Our visionary team aims to exceed security standards, legal requirements and environmental regulations.

  • Fairness

    We treat our customers and employees with respect and care, working proactively to anticipate their needs.

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