Anjanie Seepersad

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Anjanie Seepersad
Trinidad and Tobago
clerk Video Club

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Kurt Seepersad
Trinidad and Tobago
police constable Police
Anita Seepersad
Chaguanas, Trinidad
stephen Seepersad
Trinidad and Tobago
University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus Bachelor's degree, Business/Managerial Economics
Assistant Accountant University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus
Shivanand Seepersad
Trinidad and Tobago
Chaguanas Junior Secondary School general proficiency award, Mathematics
chaguanas junior and senior comprehensive school cxc passes, Electrical and Electronics Technology
Chaguanas Senior Comprehensive School award of excellence, Electrical and Electronic Technology
North Hampton Community collage and New York University GED, Adcademic
Site Assessment and Remediation , Bio-remediation Products and Services... ENVIROCARE LIMITED
ndt technician superior rigging and testers limited
Life Support Technicain Offshore Technology Solutions Limited
Andrew Seepersad
Trinidad and Tobago
Finance Analyst BP
Surojnee Seepersad
Trinidad and Tobago
Arifta Seepersad
Trinidad and Tobago
Teacher MOE-Ministry of education
Bianca Seepersad
Trinidad and Tobago
babysitting Self - Employed (Special Projects)
Aviana Seepersad
Trinidad and Tobago