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Matti Ikäläinen
Keuruun lukio
Tiimiakatemia Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.), Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support
Founder & CEO bGH Uusmedia
Co-Owner Co-operative Solideal
Marketing and Customer manager Camping Nyyssänniemi
Brand Manager Tiimiakatemia
Marketing Manager, Finland Whoopaa
Team Trainer Finnish Defence Forces
Katja Ikäläinen
Curator City of Helsinki
Lasse Ikäläinen
teacher Jyväskylä
Mari Ikäläinen
Helsingin yliopisto B.Sc., Pharmacy
Product Manager Algol Pharma Oy
Sales representative Algol Pharma Oy
Eero Ikäläinen
Uppsala, Sweden
Lunds tekniska högskola University certificate, Industriell Teknik
Supervisor Uppsala Vatten & Avfall AB
Technical Project Manager, Capital Projects GL&V
Sales Technician Spångs ProcessTeknik AB
Sales Österby gjuteri AB
Sales Manager Nordic Countries Total Petrochemicals
Mechanical Manager Tidningstryckarna Aftonbladet Svenska Dagbladet AB
Mechanical workshop manager Crane AB
Technician Holmen Paper
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