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chiara Tunzi
Rotterdam Area, Netherlands
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Mirit Tunzi
Prins Alexander
Thorbecke Lyceum Vwo/Havo
Haagse Hogeschool, Bewegingstechnologie
Mirit Tunzi
Utrecht Area, Netherlands
OSG Thorbecke VWO
TU Delft Industrieel Ontwerpen
Haagse Hogeschool/TH Rijswijk Bewegingstechnologie
maken van pro- en orthesen Ortho Europe
leerling orthopedisch instrumentmaker Leiden Orthopedie
adviseur Welzorg
wmo adviseur CIZ
consulent WVG Gemeente Gouda WVG
Ton Tunzi
1e Jonker Fransschool
Wim Tunzi
LEAO scholengemeenschap 'de Oude Rijn'
Floris Tunzi
Amsterdam Area, Netherlands
Hotelschool Amsterdam hotel management, Hotel Management
Hogeschool van Amsterdam bachelor of commerce, Commerciele economie
Digital Projectmanager Icemedia amsterdam
Digital Projectmanager Square Melon
Digital project manager NRG3
intern Bananas
Mark Tunzi
Rotterdam Area, Netherlands
Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam MBO 3, ICT Management
ROC Zadkine MBO 4, ICT Network Management
Rotterdam University HBO, CMD Communication & Multimedia Design
Freelance Designer Mark Tunzi
Owner Total Imaging Audio Productions
PR & Communication Craftsman Marine
Visual Designer RTL Nederland
Helpdesk DNC
Technical service staff DCK
José Tunzi
R.S.G. Schoonoord
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