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asmaa el shamy
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Abdelrahman elshamy
Maadi Secondary School Secondary Education, Mathematics , Physics , Languages
Cairo University Bachelor's degree, Preparatory year
Mechanical engineering Department Very Good, 1st year
Photographer & Retoucher dsquares
Multimedia & Marketing IEEE Egypt Section (MIE : Made in Egypt)
Founder & Executive Director Cairo University Book Club
Photograpgher & Graphic Designer Freelance Photography & Graphic Designing
Academic Trainer IST : Inducing Sceintific Thinking
Member of Publicity & Social Media Committee IEEE Cairo University Student Branch
Mechanical engineering student Cairo University
Trainee Tercel Oilfield Products
Trainee Saleh And Hegab Integrated Engineering Economical Consultancy
Volunteer Aboelfotoh Presidential Campaign
Head of the Cultural & Media Committee Faculty of Engineering Students Union
Member of Youth & CS Committeee IST : Inducing Sceintific Thinking
Intern General Motors - Egypt
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