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Tina Smedegaard
Ålborg Area, Denmark
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Søren Smedegaard
Copenhagen Area, Capital Region, Denmark
Søren Smedegaard
Central Region, Denmark
Jacob Smedegaard
United Kingdom
Jacob Smedegaard
Århus Area, Denmark
Horsens Handelsskole
University of California, San Diego Business/Corporate Communications
University of Aarhus MA, Corporate Communication
Communication Manager Artlinco A/S
Ejer Smedegaard Media Consult
Communication Intern Insero Horsens
Head of Communication fairbar
Cocktail bartender Sidebar
Bartender Hekkenfeldt
Per Smedegaard
Cologne Area, Germany
City University (GB) Bachelor of Science, Airtransport/Aerospace Engineering
Odense Teknikum Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering
Vice President Engineering airberlin technik GmbH
Owner & MD SILK Consulting | Aviation, Aerospace & Defence Consulting |
Vice President Business Development airberlin technik GmbH
Director Business Development 328 Support Services GmbH
CEO RUAG Aerospace Services GmbH & Executive Vice President, Aircraft Services RUAG Aerospace
Technical Director SUN-AIR of Scandinavia A/S
Head of Project and Productions Danish Aerotech A/S
International Service Manager Escon Electronic / KJ Maskinfabikken
Director of Production Herning Galvanisering A/S
Head of Division Danish Aerotech A/S
Theis Smedegaard
Central Region, Denmark
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