Peyman Ostovar

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peyman Ostovar
London, United Kingdom
Executive Director ABN AMRO
peyman Ostovar
United Kingdom
London Business School
Head of Best Practice Transfer, Commercial Client Segment ABN AMRO
Executive Director ABN AMRO NV, Amsterdam
peyman Ostovar
London, United Kingdom
Executive Director Royal Bank of Scotland
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Siavash Ostovar
Bristol, United Kingdom
Pendar Ostovar
London, United Kingdom
Mahshid Ostovar
Perugia, Italia
Università degli Studi di Perugia laurea in Pedaggia, facoltà di Pedagogia
promotore finanziario Banca Mediolanum
esperto tribunale di sorve0glianza tribunale di sorveglianza di Perugia
comune di perugia comune di perugia
mahsa Ostovar
Kitchener, Canada Area
Conestoga College Business Administration-Marketing
Social Media Content Analyst In the Chat Communications Inc.
Marketing/Promotion Assistance Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
Public Outreach Fundraising Canadian Red Cross
Library Assistant University of Waterloo

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