Alex Gattas

Alex stands for Protector of mankind and is used for people that are more often male.

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Daniela Gattás
Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo, Brasil
fisioterapeuta consultorio de fisioterapia
prestadora de servico de fisioterapia Casa de Repouso
Daniela Gattás
Ribeirão Preto Area, Brazil
RPG,Terapia Manual e Postural,Osteopatia Estrutural,Geriatria,Ortopedia e Traumatologia Consultório de Fisioterapia
Juliana Gattás
buenos aires
Jolanda Gattás
College De Heemlanden SGM
MIKE Gattás
Stedelijk Gymnasium
MIKE Gattás
Utrecht Area, Netherlands
Utrechts Stedelijk Gymnasium
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven Bouwkunde
Hogeschool Utrecht ing, Bouwkunde
NCOI HBO, communicatieve vaardigheden
How2SE Systems Engineering
How2SE Requirements Engineering
How2SE Verificatie en validatie
RailInfra Opleidingen Railtechniek
(Rail) Systems Engineer ProRail
Projectcoördinator ProRail
Secretaris supportteam systems engineering (Planontwikkeling) ProRail
ing / Projectleider ivolved bv
Junior projectleider Smitshoek Melles & partners bv
Stagiair + tijdelijk werknemer bbn adviseurs
Jorge Gattás
Miami, FL
Buenos Aires, Argentina. xD

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